Global ClearingHouse System

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Vision & Mission.

GCS aims to establish a specialized Company in Customs Management and Modernization, and create a pathway to facilitate trade in a unique, upscale and innovative manner.

  • Mission statement:
    * Provide countries with efficient, customized and secured customs operations.
    * Provide traders with transparent, predictable, and speedy clearance of goods.
    * Provide our employees with the best working environment.
    * Maximize the wealth of our shareholders.






  • To become a market leader in offering world class business solutions for Customs Modernization, and Reform programs that enables government to:
    - Implement and roll out state of the art software to increase revenue.
    - Facilitate Worldwide Trade.
    - Balance and develop cargo flows
    - Construct and develop infrastructure of customs facilities -Increase commercial value
    - Enhance Homeland security
    Values & Beliefs: We will pursue our mission, vision, and customer promise of personal service with a passion for:
    Building trust with customers, communities, suppliers and one another by doing what is right, keeping our promises, being a good citizen, complying with regulations and laws, and honoring rules of engagement.
    Personal Ownership
    Taking personal responsibility for the outcome by anticipating needs, being resourceful and following through until the job is done.
    Working across organizational and cultural boundaries to achieve extraordinary performance and deliver personal service to customers. Excellence Building a culture based on excellence in thought and in execution to better serve customers.-