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X-Ray Scanning equipment.

      - Baggage scanning equipment

Info: PX-107X-ray System

PX-107X-ray System A scanner with an appetite for oversized objects Among the L-3 family of conventional X-ray systems, the PX-107 offers an extended height, equipping operators with the largest tunnel size available for non-palletized freight With an opening Tunnel Opening: 1011mm W x 1011mm H, Penetration: 29 mm of steel guaranteed the system is ideally suited for large facilities that handle a variety of packages and freight, including oversized cartons and irregularly shaped parcels.

Info:PX™6.4Checkpoint X-ray System

PX™6.4Checkpoint X-ray System - Best-in-class resolution in a flexible, hard-working X-ray security system. The durable PX 6.4 Checkpoint X-ray System delivers an unbeatable combination of excellent image quality, high throughput and flexibility, the PX 6.4 allows operators to efficiently and accurately screen briefcases, parcels, packages, and other small to medium-sized objects. Superb imaging capabilities facilitate the rapid detection of multiple threats, including weapons, narcotics, explosives, and other contraband.

    - Cargo Scanning Equipment.

Info: Mobile Cargo Inspection

Mobile Cargo Inspection -
High-energy Mobile Gantry X-ray System

Inspect cargo containers and vehicles quickly and easilyM
, validate manifests in minutes and pinpoint weapons, explosives,
drugs and other security threats. From fully loaded 18-wheelers
to intermodal shipping and air cargo containers, While vehicles
and containers remain stationary, the gantry-mountedX-ray and
detectors pass over the object being inspected. Penetrates up to
270 mm (10 in) of steel. Scans 20 trucks or containers per hour.
Screens vehicles and containers of virtually any size.
Stores more than 10,000 scanned images.

Info: Re-locatable Cargo Inspection

Re-locatable Cargo Inspection - High-energy Fixed Rail Gantry X-ray System Stop threats in their tracks with L-3>s high-density rail cargo imaging. Dense rail cargo is no match for the system>s X-ray source, which penetrates 300 mm of steel. The gantry produces clear scans every time, even when scanning vehicles and containers of virtually any size. DeepScan technology produces finely detailed images, even of the most tightly packed containers. The system automatically stores more than 10,000 scanned images and scans 20 trucks or containers per hour. It is very flexible, capable of cargo X-ray inspection of trucks, ISO intermodal shipping containers, vans, automobiles and any size air cargo container. The Gantry is designed to meet the detection requirements of customs inspectors, border patrols, air and sea port security, military force security, and law enforcement agencies.

Internal Bio scanning Equipment.