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Kuwait Customs Modernization Programs.

Strategic goals of the project:
1- Entrusting the task of commissioning customs regions to highly competent specialized companies in the field of handling services, stockpiling the goods and storing.
2- Safeguarding the amount of customs and non-customs revenues of the General Administration of Customs.
3- Lifting the performance competence and developing the style of work, accuracy and speed in completing the customs works.

The project is made of (6) six different programs that represent the ambitious developing plan sought by the General Administration of Customs to develop the performance and services offered to the public.
Program 1: Program of handling works for customs inspection purposes at Kuwait Sea Port
(Al-Shuwaikh and Al-Shuaibah ports)

Performing operations of unloading, loading and stockpiling all goods and for the purpose of performing customs inspection operations ,also requirements related to the auxiliary works, cleanness, maintenance, restoration and repair of all kind for the work under the supervision of the competent body related to the Administration or its representative.
Program 2: Program of constructing the South Ports Customs Administration at Al-Shuaibah Port.Constructing a building for the South Ports Customs Administration on a 2000 m2 space.
Program 3: Program of using police dogs for the customs inspection operations with commissioning and maintenance.Build center of police dogs on 11,000m2 space, provide the trainers, supervisors, grooms and the dogs’ customs barns used in addition to buying good quality dogs, training them on detecting the banned, as well as training the Kuwaiti employees of the General Administration of Customs to be highly competent trainers, providing cars to transport the dogs to the different border outlets and customs warehouses related to commerce and providing cages and moving barns. Equip Kuwait customs with enhanced homeland security solutions and securing commercial cargos which includes X-ray cargo scanners, narcotics detectors, hand held sniffers, chemical/biological/nuclear detectors, CCTV smart solutions and building a main commander control room (MCC) in KGAC HQ linking all local control rooms on site (LCC) with a live audio , video and data transmission.
Program 4: Complete mechanization program for the departments and facilities of the General Administration of Customs with commissioning and maintenance.Activating the role of the information and communication technology (ICT) through rolling out a Customized computer customs management system (CCMS) “Micro-clear” in order to execute customs formalities, automate all administrative and financial works also equip the equipment and communications networks, commission, maintain and develop them.
Program 5: Auxiliary requirements and services program.Providing manpower for handling & cleaning services of the offices of the GAC Covers, furniture and beds requirements for the customs centers employees Providing the equipments, tools and requirements related to the customs inspection works Covering the costs of mail, telegraph and telephone, also water and electricity consumption The costs of maintaining and restoring the installations and facilities of the KGAC Provide behavioral and professional training for customs employees at all levels.
Program 6: Program of building, developing, maintaining, commissioning and managing the border outlets (Al-Salmi and Al-Nuwaiseb). 2,000,000m2 space.Build, equip, commission and maintain the facilities, provide handling operations for purposes of inspection and management of the entire facilities that include service, cleanness, commissioning and maintenance works and mechanization operations as well as consumption materials, steady furniture and transportation means of the outlet in order to transport the police dogs or the armored vehicle to transport money, precious materials and others.